Transporting bamboo to T-107 Site

After a few days of getting the bamboo poles ready for the project, which involved sawing them to length (17′), drilling them out from the bottom (3/8″), and reinforcing the bases with rope and bicycle inner tubes, I got to load them onto my friend’s van (thanks Johnsen’s) and make a slow journey with blinking hazard lights over the Spokane Street Bridge, also known as the West SeattleLow-Level Bridge. In no hurry, I got to stop and see this turn leaf bridge open when a boat sauntered by. This is probably the most elegant opening a bridge can have. Project starts tomorrow on the site. bamboodeckbamboovan


Artist Trust Auction


Artist Trust Auction

Sometimes the work just disappears…..
You make something for an auction, and if you are lucky, you remember to photograph it. Chances are, you may never learn who took it home. If you are anything like me, you will forget what you made. So here’s to documentation in 2013 and more blogging, about art and life!!!