Fish Trap: Completed! Duwamish Revealed Grand Opening

The Fish Trap project is completed, thanks to the 4th & 5th graders of Andy’s class at Pathfinder K-8 School. They worked tirelessly in groups of three on the site, teaching each other the clove-hitch knot, measuring, tightening, and double-checking each other’s work. I cannot thank them enough for their focus and dedication!  As they walked back up the hill to school, I tied the remaining knots on the structure, cleaned up the sisal detritus, and went home, exhausted. 

lookuptrapWe were lucky to have Nicole Kistler, one of the art directors of the project, on-site to engage the students in several meaningful discussions about the other pieces made by Duwamish Revealed artists in T-107.  Also, friend and photographer Sherry Loesser stopped by to capture the students and me at work. The photos in this blog were taken by her. 

This Friday, June 5th from 7:00pm-10:00pm, is the grand opening of the Duwamish Revealed Project at The Estuary, 4651 Diagonal Ave. S. Seattle. It will be “an evening of industrial soundscapes and sculpture featuring Christian French’s massive shipping container sculpture Estuary, sound installations & performance by Klaas Hübner and Lysandre Coutu-Sauve, and contemporary cellist Lori Goldston.” Events on, in, and around the river are happening all summer long until Sept. 30th.  You can read all about them at:


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