Fish Trap: Day 2

The work continued on an overcast morning that soon cleared to sunshine and 70 degrees. When I arrived at T-107, a brown rabbit was sitting next to the sculpture, and an eagle was perched on a post in the Duwamish River directly across from me.  Soon herons, geese, crows, and some white water fowl came to the area between Kellog Island and the riverbank below us.  A tiny EPA boat with three people came by and collected a sample, presumably from the bottom of this shallow part of the river. This section of the river becomes a giant puddle at low tide.

I worked from the lower level of the scaffolding today, after placing some bamboo notched poles horizontally at the top to help keep the circular form. A couple came by and the man said, “That looks like a giant fish trap,” little did he know how he had made my day! The scaffolding is down, off site, and I am ready for the students to come help me continue from the mid-section to the base.


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