Duwamish Revealed Project


This is the first of many blogposts about my project, one of numerous endeavors that is part of the Duwamish Revealed, a creative celebration acknowledging Seattle’s only river, the Duwamish (a project of ECOSS).

I will be chronicling my interaction with students and teachers from Pathfinder School, as well as the progression of the project (to be revealed in the next installment). The Duwamish Revealed celebration will take place from June 1 -Sept. 30th in the river, along the shores, and at various access points and historical locales near the river.  At our first meeting, students aged 9-14 were asked on a questionnaire: When you think about the Duwamish River, what words come to mind? These are their words, put loosely into categories.


pollution – polluted – dirty – disgusting – gross – trashy and murky – toxic –I see the waterways and how dark the water is a river with a lot of boats – industry – industrial – Georgetown – bridge – oil

Duwamish Native tribe – the tribe – tribes – the Duwamish Native American territory – Chief Sealth’s mom – Seattle – history – potlatch – stories -canoe – Native Americans – Native American river – long houses – culture – cultural-historical site

ecosystem – salmon – life – nature – habitat – clean – fish – pretty – beautiful – green – old -rocks-water

What words come to your mind?

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